Released on 27 Jan 2023       13m / 177 Stills       1GB

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL HARLEY goes deep deep undercover and dishes out the BEAT DOWN of a LIFETIME.  When 2 overgrown bullies intimidate an entire school, teachers included, it's left to one solo girl to sort them out. Today was not the day to cross Harley as these 2 hard cases threaten her and this undercover schoolgirl politely gave them the chance to stop and apologise before she launched into a brutal beatdown. This black belt kickboxer sets about demolishing these muscular maniacs with a frenzy of spin kicks, high kicks, ko punches, karate chops, knees to faces and a terrifying athleticism.  Harley is always in charge as she toys with these boys, beating them up and laughing at how easy it is. Once she'd changed into her skintight leather Kandygirl uniform she ups the tempo and brutally destroys and humiliates them both... at the same time. She's effortlessly dominant and she teaches these terrorising thugs a ruthless lesson.  FREE 177 IMAGE PHOTOSET INCLUDED!