Released on 18 Jun 2021       12 MINUTES       320mb

ARYA takes down two colossal beasts of men without breaking a sweat! Whilst walking home from work 2 huge thugs decide to pick on the wrong girl...and after giving them ample opportunity to apologise Arya rips them apart in a deadly display of unarmed combat that can only be described as carnage. Putting these guys in their places is just sport for Arya as she enjoys unleashing her killer high kicks, deadly spin kicks, fearsome right hook, knockout karate and black belt gymnastics. These boys don't stand a chance against this agile secret agent and Arya loves that.  She's so confident that she even has time to change, come back and dish out more beatdowns....in fact, she won't stop until they deliver a grovelling apology and if they know what's best they'll do that quickly.