Released on 11 Feb 2022       11m       480mb

LUNA takes on 2 thugs in amazing KICKASS ACTION!  When Luna goes for a workout at her all female gym she is threatened by 2 local hard men but their intimidation tactics don't work on her and when she invites them to try their luck she beats them both up....badly.  These notorious thugs came to bully and extort but didn't expect to be on the receiving end of a thrashing from this Italia supermodel. Dressed first in her gym gear (and heels of course) she knocks them about with her powerful fists and snap kicks and then she steps it up, changes into her black leathers and red thigh high boots and sets about giving them the beatdown of a lifetime her kicks, punches, knees, karate chops and judo flips are just too much for them... but how are they going to get out of their with any dignity?