Released on 10 Mar 2023       10m 7s       517mb

BLACKBELT JINX STARS!  When a ridiculous mugger turns up to the TV renactment of his own crime, he doesn't figure he'll be up against the black belt hired gun Jinx and she is only too happy to rip him apart.  He may be ripped, jacked and sadistic but he's also an idiot and this criminal doesn't know what hits him when this crimefighting martial artist  / keen gardener sets about her work, he is no match for her violent kicks, ferocious fists, killer kickboxing and merciless martial arts.  Jinx, of course, finds this a breeze and needs to destroy him before lunch, she's going to the Ivy!  So she executes those spinning kicks to perfection and her agility and power is just too much for him to handle but nobody expected the twist in the end...