Released on 10 Feb 2023       13m 33s       947mb

KIX KICKS ASS!  This world champion kickboxer turned secret agent has been brought in to smash a cheating racket on one of the world's most important TV shows. On discovering the fraudster on live TV Kix has to teach him a lesson .... a big painful lesson. This undercover TV Presenter, dressed all in skin tight leather, launches into some world class ass kicking with a brutal array of spin kicks, knockout punches, high kicks, acrobatics, karate, palm strikes and knee to face violence. In a break from the usual cake baking, in a show where usually the only things to get beaten are eggs, viewers are treated to Kix delivering a mouthwatering beatdown and teaching that cheats never prosper. This is end to end class Kix style, this stunning kickass queen humiliates a man three times her size with her trademark skills an barely breaks a sweat.