Released on 21 Oct 2022       11m 5s / 164 Stills       940mb

YASMIN in FIERCE ACTION!  A Kandygirl has been kidnapped and they've called in the big guns to go rescue her.  Dressed in leather and thigh high boots, the stylish yet ferocious Yasmin struts into enemy territory and she's ready to kick ass. After dispatching 2 goons with ease this deadly martial artist comes face to face with her nemesis. There's a reason they called in the big guns as Yasmin soon finds out as she quickly realises she needs to step up her game if she's going to extract information and take this 120kg meathead down. This is end to end combat, the fight goes back and forth as Yasmin takes hit after hit and unleashes her lethal high kicks, lighting fists, ko karate chops and general brutal unarmed combat skills on this man mountain. This is her toughest assignment yet and she always gets what she wants... but at what cost?  FREE 168 STILLS PHOTOSET!