Released on 28 Aug 2020       10 mins      

VIXEN and ARYA have snagged themselves a couple of invisibility belts.... or so they think... and use them to infiltrate the base of two dangerous Gang Lords. Only once these 2 Kandygirls find themselves in the heart of the underworld do they find out they're not actually invisible and things are going to get ugly. Vixen and Arya snap into instinctive action, they rip these men apart beating them to a pulp, Vixen's swift kicks and powerful punches are too much for her guy whilst Arya's agility, spinning kicks and fierce fists make easy work of hers.  The girls could walk away but instead decide to stay and finish the job... Vixen takes on both guys with sheer arrogance and knocks them around for fun before handing them over to Arya so she can get her kicks too.  This is incredible action from these two legendary Kandygirls, oh they'll be getting a refund for those belts too