Released on 17 Nov 2023       13m 05s       808 state

KARLY is the POWERFUL BODYGUARD and the DEADLY DEBT COLLECTOR and someone is about to pay. Karly is the hired muscle who steps in when all else fails, this time she is going to pay a serial swindler a painful visit and not only collect a big debt for her boss but give him a beatdown he'll never forget. This hardbodied blackbelt beauty is hard as hell and unshakeably cocky as she enters the nightclub owned by Dion Abbott, big time crook, gambler and hustler who swindled a lot of money out of the City. Dressed in leather skirt, silk blouse and heels she puts on her leather gloves and she's ready for action. Abbott is no match for Karly, he can barely land a hit but when he does they don't bother her anyway as she counters with swift but brutal punches, high kicks and karate chops. She's enjoying every moment of beating him up as she launches her incredible martial arts and strikes with a flurry of kicks, punches, knee strikes, holds, elbows and all round hardbody strikes. This girl is cool and devastating as she torments and destroys this big time crook and she dazzles in this end to end action epic.