Released on 25 Feb 2022       15m 32s + 73 stills       838mb

CARI x 4!  KICKING ASS IN 4 STORIES! She is the high kicking, hard punching deadly mistress of disguise and in 4 separate tales Cari is pitted against 4 different vicious maniacs. This gymnastic super spy can effortlessly glide into any situation and get what she wants and wearing 4 hot outfits including catsuits, thigh high boots, leather corsets, mini skirts and hotpants she shows her targets just why she's a first class brutal Kandygirl. Whether 'persuading' henchmen to give her information, taking revenge on mob bosses, beating up intruders or taking on a sadistic MMA world champion she delivers her fast punching, karate chopping, lethal kicking torment with ease, grace and sophistication. This is an epic length film with BONUS photoset thrown in for FREE! This is end to end stunning Cari action!