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Released on 18 Nov 2022       8m 36s       436mb

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL!   LADY DARCY, is a KICKASS CAT THIEF!  She's a modern day Robin Hood, stealing from the bad to give back to the good... and she gets to kick ass along the way!  Dressed in her stealth and action ensemble of a latex leotard and high heeled boots she breaks into a notorious gangsters safe and is delighted when she gets caught... because this means she gets to fight!  This graceful latex ballerina is an expert martial artist with the flexibility, agility and confidence to deliver a beatdown without breaking a sweat. Her high kicks, spin kicks and ferocious knees to face are killer and when she unleashes her ko punches and karate chops she's not a woman to be messed with. She will give her opponents a chance and offers her downtrodden opponent a way out but they're always too stubborn to accept it from a woman!