Released on 25 Mar 2021       10 mins      

EDEN in ACTION! A new rogue gang of Mercenaries want to take down the Kandygirls and take over the city - they've picked on Eden and are about to realise their deadly mistake. Always one step ahead, Eden lies in wait for the 3 killer Mercenaries and she's even bought a new dress for the occasion! Once the small talk is out of the way she launches into devastating action, ripping apart her first foe with her deadly legs and killer fists. They don't come much cooler than Eden, wearing her new boots and using her brutal array of high kicks, spin kicks, axe kicks and roundhouse kicks she makes light work of  her next assassin. Her arrogance is high when she takes on the boss, picking off this power house barefoot with dazzling kicks and powerful punches until he can't take any more. Eden is classy, graceful, cocky and brutal to the extreme.