Released on 20 Oct 2023       11m 30s       710mb

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL PETRA!  This beautiful posh girl spy has aced it through the Kickass Academy and she's straight into her first solo mission!  A Government Operative has been kidnapped and this mission is too damn dangerous for anyone, so they've sent in Petra... in a catsuit... and boots. This brand new Kandygirl springs quickly into action taking out an army of Guards using her lethal body. This high kicking, karate chopping, ferocious punching blonde bombshell is just too devastating for any of the guards to handle, even when it's 2 on 1. Not only is she supremely skilled in martial arts and unarmed combat but her confidence is unshakable so she just loves putting these guys in their place, again and again. After beating up all the Guards, Petra finds her kidnappee but here's where it gets super dangerous because all is not what it seems... ok, spoiler alert, he's a double agent and after knocking Petra out and capturing her she has the Mission of a lifetime to break free and beat up this shit of a double agent. Stunning debut from a brand new kickass heroine. Petra.