Released on 22 Oct 2021       10m 24s      

Brand NEW Kandygirl ASTOR stars in a DOUBLE BILL alongside the brutal FLEX!  These two incredible agents go into battle in their own unique and contrasting kickass styles!  in MAID KANDY, Astor - the graceful, elegant, feminine supermodel - lures a hardened criminal into the ultimate honey trap and then elegantly rips him apart with her stylish karate and lethal hand to hand combat skills without getting a hair out of place. In DUNE KICKASS Flex is totally and utterly brutal! When a mugger tries to rob her boyfriend, after their date, she steps in and unleashes her muscular body, black belt karate power and brute force to absolutely decimate him with her high kicks, fast punching, killer fists and total confidence. 2 films, 1 price, TOTAL KICKASS. [To view both trailers go to the Forum]