Released on 06 May 2022       11m 14s       580mb

KIX IS THE ULTIMATE KICKASS CAT BURGLAR and she can't wait to take on this mission!  Kix knows there's a heist going down and she's going to take down the Den of Thieves before they even have breakfast. Dressed in Leather skirt and thigh high boots she breaks into their HQ and when faced with their man mountain of a gang leader she rips him apart. Kix is a flurry of action, her spin kicks, powerful punches, black belt kick boxing, high kicks and knockout karate is too much for her ripped opponent. She teases and torments her prey without breaking a sweat, letting her hard body deliver the beatdown of a lifetime. This is end to end classic Kix action and even though he's 3 times the size of her, he doesn't get close!