Released on 09 Oct 2020       13m 48s      

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL ... CARI! International Supermodel by day, deadly spy by night - this high kicking martial artist is one of the deadliest new Kickass recruits of all time, you won't know whether to fight her or fall in love with her.  It seems Dizzy Goon has been building his evil empire once more and it's time for this new spy girl to bring him down, painfully. She starts her mission, in her catsuit and thigh high boots, taking down each of the henchmen using her incredible kicks, punches, karate and gymnastics  and then this lethal martial artist ups her game, changes into outfit number 2, and ruthlessly rips apart 2 guys at the same time. This brutal new recruit leaves a pile of men in her wake, nobody stood a chance.... this is Cari!