Released on 16 Jul 2021       10m45s       221mb

MONTANA goes undercover to take down a notorious sex pest! When Kandyland's most outlandish casting director and serial sex pest holds an audition for his next star role Montana goes undercover to destroy him. Dressed all in leather (for the role of Mary Poppins) it's not long before the casting turns sinister and the director gets nasty... and it's unlucky for him that Montana is one of the most dangerous women on the planet and starts to rip him apart. Her high kicks, knockout punches and black belt gymnastics are too much for this muscle bound pervert as she kicks him around the room like a rag doll. Her lightening quick agility, ferocious spin kicks and powerful kick boxing prowess are a thing of wonder as this ripped bully gets the beatdown of a lifetime....but will she let him live?