Released on 05 Apr 2024       13.41       867mb

SCOUT goes DARK in KICKASS ACTION EPIC!  When an assassin is sent by S.C.O.U.S.E. to take out Dark Scout, the brutal boss of The Syndicate, he gets a lot more than he imagined.  Dark Scout knows everything and is always a step ahead of the game, that's why she's the most feared criminal warlord in Kandyland and when this hired gun arrives to kill her she delivers the beatdown of a lifetime. Armed with smartass one liners and a deadly hardbody Dark Scout quickly goes to work launching her devastating kicks, brutal punches and dazzling array of lethal martial arts. It's clear this ruthless assassin in no match for the power of Dark Scout but, much to her amusement, it doesn't stop him trying. Dark Scout launches wave after wave of kickass action, effortlessly spin kicking, karate chopping, kickboxing and high kicking this man into oblivion. This high octane action epic has many a twist in its tale and Scout has never been more devastating and brutal.