Released on 02 Dec 2022       13m 19s       821mb

DON'T MESS WITH KIX!  When undercover agent Kix finds out that her 'husband' has been unfaithful she teaches him a painful and brutal lesson. This black belt angel unleashes all of her martial arts prowess on this muscular man mountain and he doesn't know what hits him. Dressed in a tight leather skirt and knee high boots, Kix is a dazzling vision of beauty as she high kicks, karate chops, kickboxes and spin kicks her prey into oblivion. She barely breaks a sweat as she throws this tough guy around the room and she enjoys every minute of exerting her total superiority over him.  Remember, she's undercover, so there are twists and turns along the way and all is not what as it seems apart from one almighty girlpower beatdown of course.