Released on 21 May 2021       15m 10s       693mb

New Kandygirl LARA makes her solo debut!Having just graduated from Undercover Secretary School Lara finds herself in all kinds of trouble... the school is about to be overrun by killer ninjas and she's the only one there! Is this the end of Lara before she's even begun? of course not! This high kicking martial artist is about to sensationally destroy these Ninjas whilst barely breaking a sweat! Dressed in killer heels and leather skirt Lara is armed and fabulous, her fists, legs, hard body and total confidence are simply too much for these men to handle as she launches into smart talking, kickboxing and karate fuelled beatdowns leaving no man alive!  This is an EPIC package with 15 minute film PLUS  200 image photoset thrown in for FREE!