Released on 11 Mar 2022       9m 32s       343MB

END TO END VIXEN ACTION!  Nobody throws a punch quite like Vixen!  When a violent thief breaks into Vixen's plush loft appartment to steal her jewellery he runs into all sorts of trouble as she beats him up like he's never been beaten before.  Having just returned from a glamorous night out Vixen is dressed in her elegant evening dress and high heels and is all ready for action -  she launches those rocket fists of hers, sending him flying across the floor and then releases her muscular high kicking legs to knock him senseless. The thief doesn't know what's hit him as this gorgeous blonde uses her lethal hard body to deliver total devastation with a big smile on her face.  Spin kicks, karate chops, high knees to the face, high kicks, palm strikes and of course those trademark knockout right and left hooks, this is a total beatdown and utter humiliation for this ripped muscular criminal.