Released on 23 Apr 2021       12m 18s      

ARYA DESTROYS AN ARMY!Arya is on a mission so important that some have described it as VERY important. She's on a one woman mission to get the blueprints for DG's illegal kebab shop empire and she'll take no prisoners. Dressed in hot pants and high heel boots she's ready to take down 7 deadly guards before she comes face to face with the hulk they call Boss.  This stunning model's hands and legs are deadly weapons and using her dazzling array of kicks, punches, karate, boxing and gymnastics this killer martial artist single handedly destroys her male foes and enjoys every minute of it but when she comes face to face with this man mountain will her unnerving confidence and kickass moves be enough?  Of course they will! this is Arya we're talking about and she rocks these guy's worlds!