Released on 22 Mar 2024       14m 34s       855mb

KARLY TAKES ON AMAZONIAN POWER and goes on a quest to kick some major ass!  When a mysterious package arrives with a curious note Karly follows the instructions and discovers herself dressed head to toe in PVC and imbued with incredible powers!  Her quest soon becomes clear and she infiltrates the den of an ancient criminal and wipes out his army singlehandledy only then to be faced with this power house of a beast.  Karly, the blackbelt martial artist, is a whirlwind of action, her spin kicks, ferocious fists and hardbody power is simply too much for all the footsoldiers as she high kicks and karate chops them into oblivion. She barely breaks a sweat beating up all these henchmen before she comes face to face with the beast , when this gets serious. However, Karly is simply too much for any mortal or, it seems, immortal warriors and she physically demolishes him with her knockout punches, deadly kicks and brutal unarmed combat. If looks could kill then Karly would be deadly but since she's deadly already that immaterial - this is kickass action at its very best!