Released on 24 Feb 2023       14m       720mb

LARA TAKES DOWN AIRLINE HIJACKERS - If you're going to take down a plane the last thing you want is undercover air hostess Lara on board!   On the outside you could be forgiven for thinking this blonde bombshell in bright red heels is just the pretty face of the airline but you'd be badly mistaken - this high kicking, karate chopping, kickboxing, hard bodied martial artist is a whirlwind of action as she beats up each of these crazed criminals with total arrogance. In Air Kickass Lara takes down a host of terrorists with grace, style and total brutality. She launches those high kicks and knockout punches with devastating effect, she pulverises all of these guys with her deft karate chops, spin kicks and muscular legs and all with a huge smile on her face - it's all in a days work for this undercover agent.