Released on 30 Jun 2023       10m 9s + 89 action stills       874mb

JINX IS THE UNDERCOVER SECRETARY that knows how to bring down an Empire!  Posing as a new Secretary Jinx knows it's only a matter of time before her creepy boss gets aggressive and when he does, Jinx launches into intense kickass action!  This black belt martial artist demolishes this lecherous predator with her spectacular array of fierce kicks, knockout punches, powerful knees to face, karate, kickboxing and general all round kickass sass. But there's more to this than meets the eye -  when the pervy boss wakes up to find himself tied up  Jinx reveals her true identity and her true mission, to crush his empire of crime and get the passwords to his illegal offshore accounts. Obviously he doesn't give in which is exactly what she wants so she delivers the most almighty beatdown known to womankind until he can take no more.... but will she get the codes? of course she will, she's a goddam Kandygirl. FREE BONUS PHOTOSET!!