Released on 09 Jan 2021       11m 50s      

SUPERMODEL CARI SETS THE ULTIMATE HONEYTRAP! One of the City's most dangerous, hardened criminals agrees to go on a date with a stunning supermodel... and, dressed in a latex miniskirt and thigh high boots, in walks Cari. The tough guy goes weak at the knees in the presence of such beauty and this is where the trouble starts!  Cari launches into the most devastating beatdown of his life, the guy barely has time to figure out what's going on before the next high kick, spin kick, knee to face or powerful punch lands again and again. Cari's mission is simple, trick this wanted criminal into a date, get him to fall in love with her and then beat him up so badly that he'll beg to be taken in.  The gorgeous Cari beats him up effortlessly, her elegance, style and grace matched with her gymnastic martial arts renders this muscular madman incapable, no matter how hard he tries to fight back!