Released on 03 Nov 2023       11m 34 / 185 Image Photoset       958MB

DAKOTA IS ON FIRE!! This Kickass Secret Agent has one half of a numerical code that will make her a fortune, luckily for her the other half is with 2 hardened gangland criminals and she's very excited to pay them a little visit. It's the height of summer so Dakota is wearing her hot weather uniform and she knows exactly where to find these bad boys. Dakota is always fair and offers these trained killers the chance to come and get her half but they have no idea what's coming next when she explodes into martial arts action and beats the hell out of them. This gynnastic blackbelt beauty launches ferocious high kicks, spin kicks, overhead kicks and every other kick known to womankind and these boys don't know what's hit them - literally.  Dakota is the very air of calm, elegance and confidence and she barely breaks a sweat as she throws her brutal punches, swift karate chops and pulverising high knees to their faces, she is giving them the beatdown of their lifetime. As she takes both of them on at the same time this hardbodied beauty shows off her legendary agility and gymnastic unarmed combat hitting them with stunning acrobatic moves and devastating them with total control. This is unbelievable Dakota action and it gets better as this release includes a HUGE FREE 185 IMAGE PHOTOSET: POSED images and ACTION images combined.