Released on 19 Apr 2024       12m 30s / 103 Stills       975mb

DOUBLE MILLY ACTION!  When Milly and her twin sister, also called Milly for some reason, take on all the Goons at The League of Dizzy Goons there can only be one winner - except in this case it's two. The stunningly beautiful Milly and her equally gorgeous sister Milly have a huge mission, it's life or death so they quickly spring into deadly kickass action. Dressed in a gold dress and heels and hot pants and boots these ballerina blackbelts work their ways through a whole army of guards, taking each one out with their breathtaking high kicks, karate, kickboxing and knockout fists and all barely breaking a sweat. These femmes fatale secret agents will disarm any soldier with their smiles and then rip them apart with their brutal martial arts, putting each one down with their deadly fists, killer legs and host of witty one liners. These posh girls, fresh from partying on their Yachts, are the coolest, cockiest, most confident Spies on the planet, they know no fear and will always beat up their Goons in time for cocktails.