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Breakfast at Kick Ass

26 Jan 2010

KIX and SYDNEY Vicious-Smythe have been dragged away from their glamorous social lives and this does not make ...

Kick Ass Fight Club

26 Jan 2010

Rogue AGENT BADNIGHT is depressed as her last mission was foiled by the Kandygirls. She wants to put the smile...

Kick Ass Identity

26 Jan 2010

MATA HARI is about to break cover, she's been waiting a year for this and the idiot terrorists have finall...

The Kick Ass Supremacy

26 Jan 2010

KIX and MATA HARI have infiltrated the enemy base, they have both destroyed 2 guards each but there is some da...

Last Temptation of Kickass

26 Jan 2010

SYDNEY Vicious-Smythe has decided to blood her little sister, MINX, in the ways of the Kandygirls. She has tra...