Aish's films

Posted by WomanPunchLover - 06-06-2023, 04:12

Are all of Aish's films fantastic? I recently purchased Kickass Authority and it's great. That first fight with Aish in the black catsuit is one of my favorite fights in KAK. Her style of fighting is almost like a dance.

This is the 3rd film of hers that I've gotten. The other two being Kickass Security, and Kickass Defender. Which are also great! (I'm in love with her abs!- that beatdown in Security is the ultimate onesided beating!) 

I know she doesn't have that lengthy of a catalog, so if all the other films are like this, I may just clean them out. Which films are her best, in your guys opinion?

  • opponent12

    07-06-2023, 03:59

    Yeah you should get them all! Who Dares Kickass is my fave Kandyfilm of all time. The only one that might be worth skipping is the film where her face is covered most of the time, it sorta looks odd but the fight scenes are solid.

  • Kandyman

    07-06-2023, 20:02

    Aish is one of the all time greats!