1v1 or 1vX films

Posted by BK - 26-05-2023, 19:34

Hey everyone,


I’ve been a long time fan of KAK since the AJ days and even remember Agent XXX! 

I was wondering what people’s opinions are on whether they prefer the 1v1 fight films or the films where it’s a Kandygirl vs a small army?


I personally think the latter have been some of the best KAK films and my personal favourites (DG customs especially - WOW!) but they seem few and far between nowadays. I understand the need for variety and I’m sure everyone will have their own favourites. I was just curious to see if I’m in the minority as I wondered if they maybe sell less than the 1v1 fights.

Keep up the good work though, the films you produce are (in my opinion), the highest quality for this type of thing on the internet and I will always be a KAK fan regardless. I should also probably get round to doing my own custom at some point!

  • Abercorn

    03-06-2023, 19:37

    Hey BK. Great thread idea. When you say against a small army do you mean multiple fights with different opponents throughout the film  or a single fight with multiple opponents?

    Assuming the latter, I definitely like both styles for the variety. I think it's great when one Kandygirl takes on multiple opponents because it shows how much her skills outclass them. On the other hand, I like 1v1 fights because they typically feature tighter choreography since it's easier to shoot and easier to make it look more realistic with faster movements/reflexes. 

    Assuming the former, I definitely prefer when the Kandygirl has several different fights in a single episode. It makes it feel like there are more stakes to the conflict. One prolonged fight that lasts the whole episode can sometimes feel like the guy is just getting wailed on endlessly. 1v1 fights are much better when the fights are somewhat even or back and forth in my opinion.  Kandy Crashed and Femmes of London are good examples of this. (I think they're both Jacques customs)

    I guess in the end it comes down more to the quality of the fights rather thank the quantity for me.

    • Jacques

      04-06-2023, 08:13

      Guilty as charged. The best is yet to come and I really mean the very best. You ain’t seen nothing yet as the song goes

    • Ghost999

      08-06-2023, 03:45

      @jaques What have you got in store for us? Your customs are the best! The best I tell you

    • Jacques

      08-06-2023, 08:06

      Thanks for the compliment, but there are plenty of others that are more adept than I am. For example the genius behind this week’s KAF video. B

    • Ghost999

      08-06-2023, 11:01

      Oh yea. This weeks video will be awesome.


      but so far Your videos are 1 vs many. So I have you in high regard

  • Panda Bear

    12-06-2023, 07:44

    For me, it has to be when a Kandygirl pummels her way through a small army in a one-sided beat-down........in long boots (of course).