Favorite Fight Scenes

Posted by Kickass Baddie - 15-05-2023, 22:30

I've been a fan of Kick Ass Kandy since the very beginning, so I've seen many KAK films over the years. The other day it got me thinking back to some of the best individual fight scenes or sequences. Which got me curious about other long term fans, like myself, and what their favorite fight scenes have been. Not films as a whole, just one fight scene from a film that KAK has released up to this point. And why? Could be for any number of reasons. The action? Maybe a specific girl, maybe her outfit? Does how many opponents she fights at a time a factor? Or possibly just her attitude and/or confidence that makes all the difference? 


What are your favorite KAK fight scenes ever?

  • WomanPunchLover

    16-05-2023, 03:00

    I love this question! Hands down my favorite film is Alpha Kandy. This is the greatest debut film for any Kandy girl, and it had two of my favorite scenes!

    I love everything about that film. Diva's confidence (it's hard to believe this was her first film! She looks so skilled!), her outfit was perfect. Those tight red pants that hugged her body perfectly, and her black top, which also hugged her curves, and showed her abs. And of course, changing her foot ware through out.

    My two favorite scenes are the first fight. It's an absolute ass beating. My favorite parts being her pinning him to the wall and landing body blows. Then, of course, those knees to the face followed up by a quick kick to knock him out.

    My other favorite is the 3rd guy...I think. She blocks a few hits and lands quick nasty hits. Then, my favorite part being her kissing her fist before throwing it at the goons face, followed by her slowly walking on top of him while he is on his back as she smiles and viciously throws a serious of hard punches to his face while she has a hold of him. That part was so damn sexy. She looked like a predator stalking her prey before going in for the kill!

  • opponent12

    16-05-2023, 06:36

    Hmm the most memorable fight scene/choreography for me was probably in my fave film, Who Dares Kickass. Most of the 2v2+ Kandyfights we see, the girls time their moves with one another which looks cool, but makes it look sort of unnatural. In the last WhoDaresKickass fight it looks much better when they do their own thing I think, the camerawork/editing was also incredible as well! 

     Honorable mentions to Blade Kickass fight with Arya and the guy she was fighting, impressive choreography... The middle of Kickass Valley with the 1v3 choreography was excellent, Mortal Kickass fight in general was much more impressive than most 1v1 choreography we have seen, and Kickass Beyond was also impressive to watch!

    • opponent12

      16-05-2023, 06:38

      Also as far as general move delivery and choreography goes, Skarlet was hands down the best, I wish she could have been a choreography trainer or something for this site XD

    • Kickass Baddie

      17-05-2023, 01:28

      Opponent12, I absolutely agree with you about the final fight scene in Who Dares Kickass. Many fights come to mind but few are as memorable as the final fight scene in that film. The film as a whole is a great conversation for another time as it is. Aish and Jade are incredible in what is one of the best KAK films I’ve seen. 

      I love this fight scene because the girls are still outnumbered 3 to 2 but they eagerly accept the challenge. Like you said, I love that the girls get to do their own thing while fighting their men instead of it being a mirrored, synchronized beat down. It’s so much more natural and you get to see some style to their fight techniques and approaches to each attack. The shots where you see them both in action at the same time is really something else. They own these men in this scene and they are so confident and beautiful all the while.

      This fight scene is very uptempo, brutal and just a masterclass in emale badassry. These girls make their men pay in this final scene. Each of these 3 bad guys gets an ABSOLUTE ASS KICKING from these women and they really have fun with it. Also love the humiliating nut kick from Jade on the way out, just for the goon to lean up in pain to get kicked hard in the face by Aish for the final KO. Ah, the cherry on top!


    • Kickass Baddie

      17-05-2023, 01:52

      Also, agree with you about the middle, 3 on 1, fight scene with Dakota in Kickass Valley. Her outfit is to die for. The booted heels are memorizing. She just taunts these boys and has so much fun taking every advantage she gets from it. Dakota’s attitude in this scene is so fierce but so fun and lighthearted as well. It’s very sexy. I really like how she fights 1 or 2 of them while a third guy is rolling around or on all fours struggling. Seeing her kicking their ass while keeping the third guy on the ground with embarrassing surprise shots was brilliant. Also, love hearing the guys hollering/screaming whether they’re scared of her or in pain. Hell, one of them whimpers a little bit after she delivers a devastating high kick. She goes on to spin around flipping her hair and smirking while he whimpers in pain and that may be one of the hottest sequence in KAK. 

    • opponent12

      17-05-2023, 13:15

      @Kickass Baddie 

      Well what about you ? Do you have some fave fight scenes? I havent bought all the old kickass kandy videos so it would be interesting to potentially hear about some!

    • Dave Spencer

      18-05-2023, 11:05

      Kickass Valley? I can`t seem to find it anywhere.

      So, for me, anything with Aish. Who Dares Kickass is a favourite of mine, but I also liked Jade in the opening fight scene of Magnificent Kickass. I am also a fan of Blaze in Kickass Nine Nine.

    • Dave Spencer

      18-05-2023, 11:09

      I forgot to add, anything one girl v multiple men or multiple girls outnumbered by multiple men, all fighting at the same time rather one man or one girl at a time gets my vote. Diva v 10ish in Kickass Beyond was beyond awesome.

  • Kickass Baddie

    18-05-2023, 22:43

    I definitely agree with Dave. I’m a fan of when it’s a girl vs 2 or multiple bad guys. Or the girls are outnumbered. I think it shows how skilled and badass these women are. I’m fine with the one on one stuff and some of it is done well too. I just feel like most of the excitement comes from seeing multiple opponents. There’s a time and a place for each. 

    As far as my favorite fight scenes from KAK, I have several and for different reasons. To list a few, I also agree with Dave about Blaze in Kickass Nine-Nine. I’ve always loved her and thought she was probably the most underrated Kandy girl. But her first two fights in that film are against 2 and then 3 goons. And in that catsuit and booted heels. With that sexy attitude to go with it. My gracious.. it’s spectacular!

    Other fights I could elaborate about for days would be JJ’s handcuffed fight with 3 guys in Clockwork Kickass. Arya has an incredibly well done beat down in Deal or No Kickass. Absolutely brutal. And if you’re into the brutal beatdowns, Karly in The Kickass File may be the most merciless ass kicking I’ve seen. She is a bad woman! Vixen’s middle fight scene in Hit Me Kickass may include the hottest outfit ever.. Holy WOW! Dakota in Kickass Initiation is one long fantastic beat down. 3 on 1 and she just oozes sex appeal the whole time. Just totally dominates the 3 of them and she isn’t afraid to hit them where it hurts. 

    • Abercorn

      20-05-2023, 21:24

      @kickass baddie

      I love Blaze's fights in Kickass Nine Nine as well but it's funny you mentioned her first two fights because my favorite was actually her last one on one fight. I love how she has to do more dodging and blocking and the way she finishes him by choking him between her legs while doing an armbar is so sexy. 

      I actually prefer one-on-one fights to multiple opponents because I think they have tighter and more realistic choreography. Other favorites from me include:

      -Kix's last fight in Kickass Unchained (the guy puts up a fight and I love the end where she's on top of him and throttles him until his neck breaks)

      -Aish in Blade Kickass (She shows off a variety of moves and is challenged a bit before her victory)

      -Vixen in Dukes of Kickass (Her final fight is amazing. Especially the end where she performs a side kick to the guy's face then finished him with an incredible axe kick)

      I could probably name a dozen more but my post is already too long lol.


  • kubaunknown

    19-05-2023, 08:45

    AJ in „One Flew Over The Kickass”, ending punching the guy.

    Kix in „Get Kick Ass”, where she beats up dark-skinned guy, and stands over him with her hands on hips.

    Sydney in „Breakfast at Kick Ass”, where she beats up a guy with black hat

    • Jacques

      20-05-2023, 20:23

      I purchase only a small number of videos. Nevertheless, excluding my customs, my favourite is Kandyheist starring Diva. There is plenty of peril and she handles it very well. Peril elements include:

      6 face punches, 7 stomach punches, 4 kicks, 3 bat strikes to the abdomen, 2 knock downs and 3 choke holds. If you like a Kandygirl bchallenged before being victorious, this film is for you.

    • opponent12

      22-05-2023, 16:12


      Nice recommends! Get Kickass was awesome, I liked fight choreography from back then a lot more.