FRIDAY PREVIEW..... TIFFANY stars as the Undercover Intern

Posted by Kandyman - 02-05-2023, 12:41

  • Max91

    04-05-2023, 13:18

    I saw it right? A Friday video came out on Thursday?

    • Kandyman

      05-05-2023, 09:37

      I'd like to say it was a clever experiment to see how effective the Mail Out is but i simply f*cked up and put in the wrong date! For those who clicked you did get a little treat of getting the DG Coronation Weekend Special a day early! 

    • Max91

      05-05-2023, 12:51

      i mean i dont have a problem with some videos occasionally coming a day before just because, would be a cool idea only for the people who are suscribed to receive mails but i understand what happened.

  • opponent12

    04-05-2023, 18:40

    A DG custom? And released a day early? Very much appreciated!

    • Dizzy Goon

      04-05-2023, 18:58

      Great spot!!!