KAK Recruitment proposal

Posted by MJ - 27-01-2023, 09:03

Hey KAK casting dept.,
I just discovered mandy.com model directory, there is like 16 x 16 London based hotties popping out for keyword 'karate', some truly gems like absolvents of Intensive course at the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (sounds great whatever it is). But you have it in your bookmarks already for sure, don't you.

  • Nico

    07-02-2023, 11:51

    Chelsea Greenwood 

  • Nico

    07-02-2023, 14:02

    Liyah Dilara

    • Toby Flenderson

      11-02-2023, 01:23

      Wow, she is stunning! Would love to see her. 

  • Nick

    08-02-2023, 23:23

    Amy Leigh-Quine

    • Nick

      14-03-2023, 20:23


  • Craiger S

    09-02-2023, 00:53

    There are several beautiful ladies on that site…..makes one imagine the possibilities…

  • Nico

    09-02-2023, 05:59

    Nadia Sohawon

    • WomanPunchLover

      09-02-2023, 14:23

      Yes, please!!! She'd be a dream Kandy girl.

  • Kandyman

    09-02-2023, 15:53

    We'd be happy to contact any of your favourites on here.... as long as they live in London. Keep a sense of reality at all times though because replies come very often ;)

    • Kandyman

      22-02-2023, 17:52

      CASTING SEASON has begun so if you have submitted any names or want to submit names then you must supply a contact for the girl, email would be best ... this is where you put your detective hats on!  You can post here or send directly to admin@kickasskandy.com

      Remember, they need to be London based and at least have a dancers flexibility.

      Happy Hunting!


  • Juliver

    03-03-2023, 11:11

    Gemma White



    • Nico

      05-03-2023, 10:42

      Jemma White looks a lot like Aish


    • Graves78

      17-03-2023, 16:14

      Breathtakingly beautiful!

  • Juliver

    03-03-2023, 13:49

    Ella Buffin



    • Craiger S

      03-03-2023, 18:43

      All 3 are gorgeous 

  • Juliver

    08-03-2023, 20:33

    Jazmin Print


    • Kandyman

      09-03-2023, 14:27

      So all those with emails supplied have been contacted.

  • Pulphead

    10-03-2023, 21:37

    what about her? instagram charrose_123 she was proposed a while back and she looks amazing, she is lonodn based


    • Kandyman

      11-03-2023, 17:47

      1000% but can you get an email address? 

    • Pulphead

      12-03-2023, 13:22

      I cannot find her email, even in a short I found in youtube she is credited as her insta account. Isn't it possible to be approached by instagram message?

    • Juliver

      12-03-2023, 22:17

      I find this on her IG 



    • Juliver

      12-03-2023, 22:17


    • Kandyman

      13-03-2023, 16:48

      Funnily enough we'd already approached her last week on Mandy!  

    • Pulphead

      13-03-2023, 17:51

      WOW! I hope you get her on board! and to see her do some peril scenes!!

  • Juliver

    11-03-2023, 09:21

    Harvey Neave


    • MJ

      15-03-2023, 09:43

      For me the most skilled and tallest actress possible:

      Glo Butane, 1.75cm, 4th degree blackbelt in karate kung fu and other martial arts
      her agency: london@realitycheck-m.com





  • Juliver

    25-03-2023, 16:01