Harley time...coming soon!

Posted by Kandyman - 24-01-2023, 11:30

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    24-01-2023, 22:02

    She has most definitely and indisputably got it! 

    • Dizzy Goon

      25-01-2023, 22:49

      A custom of yours perhaps?

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    25-01-2023, 23:27

    I can just tell by looking at her that Harley's got what it takes! 

    Alas, I have never done a custom, though I have thought about it - I probably should! 

  • Kandyman

    26-01-2023, 11:51

    KICKASS HILLS 90210 Trailer  Now you can really check out if she's got it :)


    • joao

      26-01-2023, 14:08

      this video will have split punch ?


    • Graves78

      26-01-2023, 16:07


      A very nice one! cool

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    26-01-2023, 22:33

    I am writing to confirm that Harley has it. That indefinable something. I would go so far as to say, not only that she has it, but that she has lots of it; oodles of it, indeed. She has KandyGirl written all over her. Good recruiting KandyMan! 

    • Kandyman

      27-01-2023, 11:25

      AND .... it's officially HARLEY TIME!

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    27-01-2023, 22:38

    Lately every new KandyGirl becomes my instant favourite for a while (till the next one probably!), but highland Harley's debut is something special. She's a real natural. And her legs are incredible! Love it tongue-out

  • Panda Bear

    28-01-2023, 05:33

    Cracking debut film by Harley. One of the best first up efforts by a Kandygirl. Definitely shades of Vixen in her. My only problem now (and it’s not a complaint) is that Harley has ‘thrown a spanner’ into which Kgirl I ask to do this years Panda custom

    • Hi-Kix Forever

      28-01-2023, 22:49

      What a lovely problem to have :) 

      Definitely got something of our Vixen about her, which of course is mighty high praise! 

    • opponent12

      30-01-2023, 05:01

      Yeah great debut film! I appreciate the effort from everyone there for the fight choreography in this. The way she delivers punches especially is really nice as well! I would love to see a lot more Luna/Harley stuff this year, these first two films have been impressive.