Fighting skills

Posted by DutchFemdomFan - 23-01-2023, 11:43

Can anyone here maybe tell me what are the fighting skills and backgrounds from the Candy girls? So, which girl has which fighting background and who is good at karate, who at kickboxing, who at wrestling etcetera. And which girls are the most skilled and strongest? I like to know for a possible future custom video at KAK

  • MJ

    26-01-2023, 04:53

    Hi DFF, shame there is no reaction to your question, maybe there is nothing like KAK girls ma skills, but Karly definitely has a karate background, look at her toned legs and wide shoulders, besides the form she perform kicks and hand strikes.

    • DutchFemdomFan

      26-01-2023, 19:18

      Thank you for your reaction,

      I'm considering a custom video with a kandy girl in a real fight and/or test of strengths against males, so that's why I want to know this. Karly might be interesting, although I currently have a preference for some other girls of the KAK team. But indeed; all KAK girls are great! (And of course unstopable for any man

  • Panda Bear

    26-01-2023, 13:21

    Kix is true martial arts pedigree and the Queen of the kandygirls I’m pretty sure she has a black belt in tae kwon do. 

    • DutchFemdomFan

      26-01-2023, 19:18

      Sounds nice!