2023 Customs?

Posted by MichinokuDriver - 20-01-2023, 16:01

As the thread title implies, curious to find out when the roster for customs this year will be announced… it’s probably too early to ask, but hey, worth a shot.

  • Kandyman

    21-01-2023, 17:55

    It's a good question and we usually start the season in the Spring from the beginning of May as the weather is a bit warmer and the daylight hours are longer.   We start casting for 1 or 2 new girls soon and they'll be joined by Kix, Dakota, Harley,  Yasmin, Tiffany, Lara, Luna, Karly and Darcy.  

    Not long now!

    • Panda Bear

      26-01-2023, 13:24

      I’m in!