FRIDAY PREVIEW..... Tiffany, the catsuits and the beatdowns....

Posted by Kandyman - 28-12-2022, 18:36

  • WomanPunchLover

    28-12-2022, 18:44


  • Kandyman

    29-12-2022, 17:29

    TOMORROW IS TIFFANY!  and here's the trailer KICKASS WITNESS trailer

    • Hi-Kix Forever

      29-12-2022, 23:45

      I see metallic catsuits are back! Huzzah! 

    • WomanPunchLover

      30-12-2022, 17:11

      Arrgh, Kandyman I think Tiffany is my favorite K-girl! Her last outing was great, and this one is fantastic! Those are some fantastic ass beatings she delivers, and she has the most delightful smile throughout the film while beating the hell out of her targets. And her rump is delicious

    • Kandyman

      30-12-2022, 18:38

      She is stunning isn't she!

    • Jacques

      30-12-2022, 21:24

      Hi Everyone, ordinarily I don't purchase pure 'girl power' videos ( I dislike the term femdom), but this vid will be the exception. She is stunning. The catsuits are awesome especially with the vivid colours. While I would prefer not hijack the thread, I am interested in knowing the titles of her previous roles.