FRIDAY 23rd PREVIEW - Yasmin in new KAF release!

Posted by Kandyman - 22-12-2022, 16:21

  • Jacques

    22-12-2022, 18:25

    Yasmin is spectacular; she is absolutely gorgeous, awesome in selling both peril and aggression. How about that accent! The chemistry between her and the stuntman is terrific. They were both in my previous custom. Recasting them was a no brainer. The video features sustained back and forth combat action. Enjoy. 

    • Kandyman

      23-12-2022, 06:24

      I agree with the learned sage Jacques - Yasmin is spectacular and it's a top notch film. It's launched on KAF for the obvious reasons, it's a Peril film by nature but there's something in it for everyone.