FRIDAY PREVIEW.... Lady Darcy is a brand new Kandygirl

Posted by Kandyman - 16-11-2022, 11:04


  • Kicker24

    16-11-2022, 11:18

    Wow, where do you find these ladies.   Haha. 

    Hopefully we’ll be able to see a preview video soon before Friday. 

    All the best. 

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    16-11-2022, 21:13

    Oh my days, what a lady! tongue-out 

  • Kicker24

    17-11-2022, 11:34

    Sneak peak trailer?

  • WomanPunchLover

    17-11-2022, 15:15

    Reminds me of Aish

    • Hi-Kix Forever

      17-11-2022, 17:03

      High praise indeed! 

    • Kandyman

      17-11-2022, 18:02

      Us too!  We've been casting for a new Aish for a long time!

  • joao

    18-11-2022, 16:53

     this girl can do split punches ?

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    18-11-2022, 18:16

    Wowzers! Nice strutting! 

  • GrandMystique

    19-11-2022, 14:49

    Darcy totally owns her poor opponent in this clip. I especially liked when she commended him for trying his best. I think she’ll especially thrive in one-sided beatdowns such as this, in a catsuit & boots of course

  • Dizzy Goon

    02-12-2022, 09:15

    Wait until you see my recent Custom with her!!

    She is the real DG deal.