Posted by Kandyman - 07-06-2022, 11:47

It's been a while but we have a forum again!  I know we have a lot to catch up on so we want to hear from you all!  We decided to keep the forum really simple so it shouldn't take long to get your head around it!  We can post chats, media (videos / pictures etc) and upload any fiction you'd like. I'm sorry we couldn't import everything from the last forum but i'm sure we'll quickly repopulate this one.

  • Jacques

    08-08-2022, 21:09

    Great news

  • Panda Bear

    10-08-2022, 13:17

    Superb Kandyman.

    Great to have the Kickass Kandy Forum back up and running. Will you be posting the fortnightly film trailers here or on Twitter? I’m assuming it will be Yasmin this week? She looks absugreat in the pictures, so I’ll be very interested to see if see can deliver onscreen as well.

    • Jacques

      10-08-2022, 14:08

      Let me assure you that she can. As previously mentioned her combat skills are better than awesome. I have two customs as proof. She has combat training from a school for actors and stunt women/me

    • Kandyman

      11-08-2022, 10:11

      Well, it may be both to start with until we tell people the forum is back!  I just have to iron out a few inevitable glitches before we go live live.

  • JadeOwl

    13-08-2022, 01:11

    All good things come to those who wait! 

    Glad to see you all guys!cool

  • Kandyman

    17-08-2022, 12:28

    So, to keep you in the loop, i'm trying to make a few improvements to the forum.  The first is the facility to upload images, the second to upload polls and the third is to directly reply to each others messages.

    As you can imagine, i'm in the hands of the developers so it may take some time :)

  • Dizzy Goon

    08-09-2022, 15:56

    Ohhh.....it's nice to be back!!!

    • Dizzy Goon

      08-09-2022, 16:03

      Sadly I cannot edit/delete the initial post & hastily pressed "go" before thinking as frankly I was just too excited about the Forum returning!!!


      What I wanted to say was.........


      Ohhh.....it's nice to be back &  again to be amongst familiar faces!!

    • Kandyman

      08-09-2022, 20:01

      And it's great to see you back DG!!

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    22-09-2022, 22:03

    Yay the Forum returns! Happy days! Good to see some familiar fellow devotees too. I love Yasmin by the way, a most excellent recruit. Reckon World Dominion was my fave while the forum was down. And did someone mention a boot sale? We all love a boot sale! ;) 

    • Kandyman

      25-09-2022, 07:32

      I think a boot sale is definitely on the horizon!! 

  • ultrakaman

    24-09-2022, 03:33

    When is the new round of film customization? What other kandygirls will there be?laughing

    • Kandyman

      25-09-2022, 07:32

      Well UltraK

      We usually open the season in the Spring so we'll be looking at April 2023!  you can discuss your ideas any time before that though.

  • Max91

    14-01-2023, 09:57

    Oh god, i just saw this, i was waiting for the return of the forum since a long time and too much time passed at the point that i just saw this 4 months late