Posted by Kandyman - 02-11-2022, 13:51


  • Jacques

    02-11-2022, 18:16

    Montana appeared in two of my customs. Her acrobatic abilities are better than awesome, amazing with boots on, even more so barefoot. 

    • opponent12

      03-11-2022, 01:16

      Which 2 were your customs?

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    02-11-2022, 20:43

    I love Montana! With or even without boots! But boots is better tongue-out 

    Am I right in thinking she always wears the same pair of boots? Seems that way to me, if memory serves me correctly. Her faves perhaps, or maybe her own? Not complaining! Just wondering. 

    Thanks for the Wednesday preview K-man, that has brightened up my midweek no end. 

    • Jacques

      03-11-2022, 02:56

      Kickass World Dominion (KAK)

      Femmes Two Zero (KAF)

      Enjoy. If you like peril, these are amazing. Still the Kandy Girls are triumphant in the end. I

  • opponent12

    04-11-2022, 20:58

    Just watched this, awesome film! All 3 of them did an excellent job with the choreography,  it's always nice to see the henchmen make some type of effort to fight back instead of standing there taking hits like a training dummy for 10 minutes.  

    • Jacques

      04-11-2022, 22:47

      Kandy Crush has plenty of peril, almost half the video.

    • opponent12

      05-11-2022, 20:04

      @Jaques I wasn't talking about peril, but I do love some of your customs! You commissioned Nuclear kickass right? That was amazing,  and Diva is my fave kandygirl as well haha. 

    • Jacques

      05-11-2022, 20:57

      @Opponent12, nope Nuclear Kickass was not my custom. Nevertheless I was an enthusiastic buyer. It was quite amazing. Besides some peril, Diva administers one hell of a beatdown.  

    • opponent12

      05-11-2022, 23:19

      @Jaques Oh my bad,  I remember asking you about your customs on the old forum but it's been years since then lol.  Did you commission the Vixen video with multiple henchmen fighting her? I think she was wearing a catsuit but I can't find it as there isn't a way to search for specific films anymore that I know of. I'm not a huge fan of pure peril but I do prefer guys making some effort to attack or block even if they fail mostly lol. 

  • Graves78

    06-11-2022, 12:57

    This movie is a custom of mine and I'm so glad it's finally released! I had very high expectations about this project and the final product even surpassed them.


    I hope you'll like this movie too!

    • Jacques

      06-11-2022, 15:00

      I have not yet purchased it. Today is the day. If she is performing acrobatics, which I have no doubts that is the case, then I am in. Whether KAK or KAF, you cannot find another producer who has the most gorgeous and athletic women who excel in combat choreography. Best stuntmen as well. 

    • Jacques

      06-11-2022, 15:07

      @Opponent12, Nope again, lol. I did not commission that one as well. I am a newbie to Kandyland. I only started commissioning films in 2019. My first two were with Eden. 

    • Jacques

      10-11-2022, 00:40

      Purchased it, Montana is impressive. Love the acrobatic moves, with and without boots. Difficult to imagine her being able to perform some of those moves with boots on. Does anyone recall a video with Flex where she performed acrobatic moves wearing boots with no heels? 

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    07-11-2022, 21:42

    What a good old KandyBeatdown! Montana is herself as always, cheeky, funny and totally assured of her superiority. Loved the hip-strike, if that's the correct term for it! 

    • Graves78

      08-11-2022, 14:47

      That's one of my favorite moves because I find it pretty, cute and gracefully mocking. That's why it's included in almost all of my customs (Kickass Valley, Kickass Glow, Kickass Heights). 

    • opponent12

      17-11-2022, 04:10

      @Graves78 Kickass Glow was your custom? Awesome video, definitely my fave for the year!

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    09-11-2022, 22:52

    Kickass Valley is my favourite Dakota movie - what an outfit! Fine work indeed!