Kix V Karly : New Photoset at Kickassfemmes! out now!

Posted by Kandyman - 24-10-2022, 11:33

  • 24-10-2022, 12:26

    Wow I guess my dreams did come true kandy man you might as well be a genie. This looks amazing!

  • Raph

    24-10-2022, 17:16

    @kandyman Looking at the photos, do I see the potential of an alternative ending

    • Pieter Apetor

      26-10-2022, 17:13

      I think karly has a pretier face then kix but kix is still a better performer and karly only focus on peril as captain liberty and i rather see  on ngc in a catsuit but there she wears no catsuit i like to see her in peril again in a catsuit and not only in ngc but also on kickassfemmes in a catsuit

  • Pieter Apetor

    26-10-2022, 19:54

    dear kandy man is there a chance to see karly in a purple catsuit, with a black belt?

    thats all i hope for a purple catsuit and a black belt?