Cheers to so many incredible years, and many more to come

Posted by WomanPunchLover - 22-10-2022, 00:29

I thought it would be kinda fun to share our history with this site. I first discovered Kickasskandy...probably back in 2011. I was a high schooler in america. I always had a thing for beautiful women absolutely kicking the holy hell out of men. To be frank, I thought I was probably the only person on earth like this. Thought I was a bit strange for it. I'm not sure how I even came across this site, but one day I did and I was amazed. I was in love with Kix, and AJ. They were just so beautiful, and they kicked all kinds of ass. I couldn't believe there was a place that not only put together videos of women destroying men, but did it with a great production value. I have been an avid fan ever since, and I visit this site every week. I have seen videos from Vice Squad Vixens,, deadlydymes, fightgirlz,,,, and they are great in their own right, but kickasskandy blows away the competition when it comes to beautiful women, sexy costumes, and fight scenes. There is no place like

Thanks for all the incredible work, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store!

- A lifelong fan! 

  • Kandyman

    24-10-2022, 10:17

    We are not worth!!  but then again... maybe we are ;)

    Thank you for such kind words and I can't believe we shot our first films in 2007!! and are still going!!   It'll be 15 years this December!  I remember our first ever shoot like it was yesterday, it was with AJ and it still stands up today!  It was this one KAKs first ever shoot.

    I've lost count of the number of films we've made and the number of characters we've created but we enjoy it just as much today as we ever did!  

    The loyalty of our fanbase is something that blows our minds still, we wouldn't be here today if you guys weren't so damn loyal!