Posted by Lionel - 19-10-2022, 19:27

Which Kickasskandy films contain an armwrestling scene? 

  • Nico

    20-10-2022, 10:15

    Million Dollar kickass

    • WomanPunchLover

      21-10-2022, 14:04

      Yes, that's it! Couldn't think of the name, although I love that film.

  • Nico

    21-10-2022, 19:01

    Kickass Never dies

  • Lionel

    20-01-2023, 04:48

    It is not super popular here, right? I guess more people are into fighting than strength but I really love it. In my mind there isn‘t anything more humiliating and dominating than loosing to a hot girl in heels in armwrestling. Hope to see some more!

  • DutchFemdomFan

    23-01-2023, 11:19

    Yes! It might be great if there will be more videos with armwrestling in the future! Especially with one of the Kandy Girls overpowering male opposition. I ordered a video where Vixen did this in the past, with also a test of strength/game of mercy and it was great to watch!   

    • Lionel

      23-01-2023, 16:15

      Yes, I agree! Awsome, than I‘m pretty sure I bought the video. Hope you will do another one

  • Scott Hall

    02-02-2023, 22:37

    K is for Kickass

    Terminator Kandy

    Million Dollar Kickass

    A Kickass is born

    Dr Kickasslove

    Gang Kickass

    Castle Kickass


    Kickass never dies

    In the line of Kickass

    Raiders of lost Kickass

    • Lionel

      04-02-2023, 17:06

      Thank you!!