Posted by Kandyman - 19-10-2022, 14:01


Here's a sneak preview of this Friday's release starring the utterly gorgeous Yasmin.

This is a film with a big difference.... Yasmin will not be getting an easy fight from this one!

  • Jacques

    19-10-2022, 21:07

    This is an awesome video. A sequel to the Astor beat down, sort of. Yasmin is amazing. B

    • Kandyman

      20-10-2022, 14:44

      Jacques speaketh the truth, Yasmin is utterly splendid.

    • Jacques

      20-10-2022, 20:31

      The two photos in the Twitter account offer important clues. it's one of the best back breaks that I have ever seen 

    • opponent12

      29-10-2022, 05:12

      I liked Astor's debut film, I wonder if she will be coming back to KAK?

  • WomanPunchLover

    21-10-2022, 14:07

    Might have to check this one out. I'm typically a fan of one sided beat downs, but i completely see the appeal in some peril. She just looks great in that outfit! My goodness, she looks amazing. And stills being added is always a great bonus.

  • Panda Bear

    24-10-2022, 10:31

    Yasmin is a wonderful addition to the Kandygirl armoury and really rocks a pair of thigh high boots. She certainly knows how to throw a punch and deliver a kick. 
    My disappointment with this film however is that the first half of the action is Yasmin being on the receiving end of the beat down. While I don’t mind the occasional punch finding it’s mark on a Kandygirl I’m really paying with an expectation of the Kandygirl in the ascendancy……otherwise I’d go to Kickass Femmes (which is not really my ‘cup of tea).

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    24-10-2022, 23:46

    Yasmin is a real treat, her moves are superb, fast hard kicks and hard straight punches, great arrogant attitude, bonus sexy accent and she looks hot. She's got everything! Nice outfit, great boots. I believe it's been stilettos all the way with Kandygirl boots for some time now, which is just fine by me, but these almost chunky high heels look great on such deliciously long boots. More Yasmin in due course I'm sure. Looking forward to her next outing tongue-out