Behind the Scenes Clips

Posted by Abercorn - 24-09-2022, 17:37

Hello everyone! Good to see the forum back and running. I've seen that it's been growing more active in the last few weeks. 

Seeing the new content and looking through the revamped site did remind me of something though Kandyman. I'm not sure if I'm alone in this but I really enjoyed when you posted behind the scenes clips from the films. It was nice to see some of the process and seeing the girls and stuntmen enjoying themselves. Do you plan to release any more in the future. Or at least reupload/archive the old ones?

  • Jacques

    24-09-2022, 19:24

    Occasionally I received bts, from my customs. They are great fun and arevery ´cool’.

    • Abercorn

      25-09-2022, 17:03

      Same. I've only been able to do one custom but I loved the bts. I don't know if every custom's bts was released (I know mine was for a little while) but they were always fun because we got to see a little bit of the process. It's also nice to see the cast just enjoying themselves. It made me feel like they weren't annoyed by my custom instructions (at least not visibly lol!). Overall I just thought they were a good addition to the site because not many people do them.

  • Kandyman

    25-09-2022, 07:28

    I've been a bit neglectful of that lately, I get so consumed by the shoots these days that i just haven't had the mental capacity to shoot the BTS stuff!  

    • Abercorn

      25-09-2022, 17:06

      No problem Kandyman. Not a dealbreaker by any means. I always thought they were fun but you're definitely busy with the main content and I would definitely rather have high quality films over extra clips. When it comes to content on this site, whether it be films, photosets, BTS, or otherwise, quality definitely comes before quantity.