AJ KandyCrisis Femdom Compilation

Posted by Fern - 19-01-2024, 10:29

Hey all

Recently I saw a lot of discussion around full female domination/peril and wanted to give my opinion /a possible solution

For full disclosure I am only in this site for female domination and never ever buy videos with peril. But I still watch the trailers/photosets/description of kandy crisis and kickassfemmes because sometimes outfits of girls are even hotter and there are moments when girls fight back / give beatdowns.

The idea came to my mind during AJ XMas photoset release. KandyCrisis trailers have AJ beating up guys a decent amount of time so I am sure a compilation of these videos where AJ is only winning against guys would get a huge interest by your ''main'' fan base.

I am not sure if this extends to  KickassFemmes. Peril seems to be a newer introduction (it is catfight in earlier videos) and girl power moments are shorter but in a quick glance films I see include FemmesStationZero  TheWalkingFemmes TheFemmesTrap FemmesBanshees RogueFemmes where all of them are peril but even in trailer the girls still have the upperhand at one point. Although I understand that audience different / I would never buy them as the price doesn't justify the girlpower moments duration for me most of these films have super hot outfits we don't even see in KAK and if there was a mix/compilation of  girls winning I am sure it would make a lot of people really happy

Of course I don't know how pricing/duration would be for such an AJ KandyCrisis Female Destroying Male Compilation but I know I would buy it in a heartbeart. I don't know how much effort it would be for you but from outside it feels like editing a masterpiece like this would also require a lot less effort than shooting a new film.

  • Kandyman

    19-01-2024, 10:47

    That's not a bad idea!

    We'll certainly think about that for a KAF compilation of GirlPower moments.

    re: AJ but we'd have a legal issue as she's contracted for KC and KC only unfortunately. 

    • Fern

      19-01-2024, 11:30

      That sounds great thank you!

      I have no idea about company structure and legal issues but of course it would be great if it somehow worked for KC also. I am not sure if there are enough moments in KC if AJ is not included though.

    • Dave Spencer

      19-01-2024, 19:20

      Get`s my vote. Do Silver in as well.

    • Ghost999

      20-01-2024, 17:05

      KandyMan. So there is a chance that we will see another video with AJ under the Kandy Crisis brand?

      Maybe for the sites anniversary?

    • MrSmooth

      22-01-2024, 14:35

      Kind’ve sad how the OG girl now loses most of her fighte

    • Fern

      22-01-2024, 19:04

      Agree with Mr Smooth for me AJ represents the ultimate girl power. I wouldn't want another video of her getting beaten up senseless under KC brand.