Posted by Kandyman - 18-01-2024, 16:08

  • Sriraj

    18-01-2024, 17:29

    Trailer pls?

    • Ghost999

      18-01-2024, 18:16

      Dakota got defeated? I think this is the first time she has tasted the fists of a male opponent

    • Kandyman

      18-01-2024, 19:47

      It's a Photoset Sriraj.

  • Chris

    18-01-2024, 19:13

    I wish Kandyman would quit  this Peril stuff and release every week a fem vs. male video or photoset, where men gets beaten down. You can find peril everywhere, but that „girl beat down men“ movies are more rare and one of a kind on this site. He seems to have so much in the pipeline though…

    • Kandyman

      18-01-2024, 19:49

      This is a completely different website Chris, it has no bearing on KAK releases, these will always be fortnightly, as they have always been.

    • Chris

      18-01-2024, 20:14

      I get your point Kandyman. I thought things could be different, if you would neglect that peril stuff. But I also respect your decision of schedule.
      Looking forward to custom season 2024…

    • Jacques

      18-01-2024, 23:44

      Hi Chris, I appreciate your point of view, nevertheless I am a big fan of some, even significant amounts of peril on both sites. It’s about the challenge of achieving victory. True,I could take my preferences and commission videos with other producers. HOWEVER, when it comes to producing videos, KAK/KAF are the platinum standard. The girls are beyond stunning, the combat choreography is awesome, especially when you add in the acrobatic moves and the stuntmen are the best. The costumes are just great. You can’t beat these attributes, period. I plan to continue commission more vids, if approved by our fearless leader.

    • Chris

      19-01-2024, 00:53

      Jacques, I totallyagree and I also think none other site can surpass Kandyman‘s work. Nonetheless I am not a big fan of too much peril and I assumed the majority would think likewise. But anyway, it was no offense against you. 

    • Jacques

      19-01-2024, 02:02

      No offence taken. Appreciate the feedback.

  • Kandyman

    19-01-2024, 11:00


    • Ghost999

      20-01-2024, 16:01

      Purchased KandyMan. Quick question. Is that a low blow punch or a belly blow punch?

  • Ghost999

    24-01-2024, 18:26

    @jacques is this your custom?

    • Jacques

      24-01-2024, 19:07

      No but it looks pretty awesome to say the least
      i have one more to be released and I have to say that it is probably my best for peril. Harley.