Any films with a balanced fight?

Posted by MrSmooth - 08-01-2024, 15:31

I know of kandy krisis where it’s all peril but are there any films on here where the fights are balanced and the girl takes as many as blows as the guy?

  • Abercorn

    09-01-2024, 20:30

    There are a few with pretty balanced fights that come to mind for me. The new film Gen Kickass has a pretty balanced fight at the end. Kandy Crashed and Femmes of London involve a lot of back and forth throughout. I'd also recommend my custom, Nuclear Kickass if you haven't seen it. Its second half has very balanced fights. Those are just off the top of my head.

    Kickass Unchained is decently balanced in its last part. The Rise of-, Dawn of-, Battle for- the Planet of the Kickass trilogy have some decent instances of the bad guys fighting back. Blade Kickass and Grand Theft Kickass are mostly girls dominating but there's a bit of resistance from the guys too. 

    • MrSmooth

      10-01-2024, 15:36

      K. Not to move the goal post or anything but are there also any episodes where the girl goes through any peril (like in kickass of steel where kix gets bound and brainwashed) or where there’s two or three girls and one of them struggles or loses (like in club kickass, where Erica gets KOed; although I would’ve preferred he beat her in a fair fight instead of cheating with a crowbar)

    • Jacques

      12-01-2024, 17:22

      Add to your list, the most familiar films that I am aware of, LOL.

      Kickass Succession, Kickass Method, AirForce Kickass, Femmes Two Zero, Kickass World Dominion, Kandy Crushed. The best is yet to come. These videos are amazing for peril. I forgot to mention Blaze Kickass ( not mine but is also amazing)

    • No Heroes87

      17-01-2024, 15:10

      is there anyway to get Kandy Crushed still?

  • Jacques

    12-01-2024, 17:29

    The video with the crowbar, is Blaze Femmes. Nevertheless, it's still is an excellent. 

  • Pulphead

    13-01-2024, 08:09

    Hi guys, 


    Do you know if the latest one (SaltKickass) with Dana is balanced or the girl experiences some peril?


    • Ghost999

      16-01-2024, 15:29

      For the newbies and the old school, I've been a fan of balanced fight scenes on this website since its conception. 

      EASTER EGG. The very first video where a kickass girl fights an opponent that gives her a challenge was:


      released in OCT 2011, it was groundbreaking at the time.

      It was awesome because it was the first time one of the original Kandy girls was not fully invisible. It was one of the original Kandy Girls taking hits and I couldn't believe it.

      It would be a while before the second original Kandy girl would take damage. But it never was like that first time. 

      It wouldn't be until KANDY CRISIS that THE ORIGINAL KANDY GIRL fought opponents that put her against the ropes.


    • Jacques

      16-01-2024, 21:38

      @Ghost1999, thanks for the the info on A Quantum Of Kickass. Bought it and was impressed.   Certainly this was a great start, especially in the early years. The film must have a raised a few eyebrows, back then. Personally, the video that motivated me to commission videos with significant amounts of peril was ' Nuclear Kickass'.

    • No Heroes87

      17-01-2024, 14:42

      Does Kix take any hits while she's chained up in A Quantum Of Kickass?

    • Jacques

      17-01-2024, 16:03

      No hits while she is chained up. Peril occurs in the latter part of the video.