NEW FOR 2024

Posted by Kandyman - 04-01-2024, 17:24

It's going to be another INCREDIBLE year!  first up, here's some of the stuff to look forward to in 2024!



  • Kandyman

    04-01-2024, 17:26

    • Chris

      04-01-2024, 17:45

      Any kickassfemmes previews:)

    • Chris

      04-01-2024, 18:39

      Is this gonna be the preview for Jan 12th? All packed in one movie? 

    • Pulphead

      04-01-2024, 18:51

      I second that! Any kickassfemes previews? I hope to see the new girls in some peril. Even the small challenge they some times face in kickasskandy, a brief chloro or ko for the girl before she dominates

    • Kandyman

      05-01-2024, 14:16

      and no, these preview shots are NOT from one film, this is some of what we have coming up in 2024!

    • opponent12

      12-01-2024, 11:54

      Are Luna and Arya all gone? They were both exceptional imma miss them

    • Sriraj

      12-01-2024, 15:53

      Most of the videos are of men taking a beating. Women only buy a couple of punches. Take a video of a woman punching all over a video. Take it as she tells them to punch her. Not like kickassfemmas

    • WomanPunchLover

      12-01-2024, 18:00

      Scout was easily my favorite new Kandy girl from 2023- she was the most pleasant surprise of the year. All it took was one film for me to fall in love with her. I cannot wait to see more of her in 2024!

  • Relax

    05-01-2024, 11:15

    More Petra and I think second girl Blair 

    we need this 

  • Kyle

    06-01-2024, 06:58


    May I know where is the stuntman Joe?

    Have not seen him for a while, miss him a lot!

    • Jacques

      12-01-2024, 19:52

      He is or was my favourite. He was in most of my customs.

  • Kyle

    06-01-2024, 06:58


    May I know where is the stuntman Joe?

    Have not seen him for a while, miss him a lot!

  • Christos Tapoutos

    06-01-2024, 18:02

    Happy new year people of Kandyland! I wish for more and more exciting videos and to be honest from these preview, this year seems to be amazing! 

    @Kandyman I would propose (as the previous year) to have a public poll for us to choose what the first video release of the year will be. What do you say? 

    Also I would recommend also if it is possible to include some tags in the description of the upcoming video releases, to let us know more about what are included in the clip. For example, #trampling, #ballbusting, #victorypose ... etc.

  • Dizzy Goon

    08-01-2024, 17:34



    Especially Darcy.  She’s yummy.

  • Markyho

    15-01-2024, 07:47

    Is that Milly and Scout?!! In the same film?!! oooh wow, what a treat. those two are both incredibly badass and beautiful. can't wait!! 

    • Hi-Kix Forever

      15-01-2024, 22:28

      That's exactly what I was thinking - Milly and Scout, together, in those outfits! Wowzers! 

    • Graves78

      16-01-2024, 16:03

      Yes... it IS an amazing movie. :) 

    • Kandyman

      17-01-2024, 11:24

      GRAVES knows all about that! cool